Buying property can be a challenging process for nationals in their own country; buying internationally adds another layer of complexity. However it can be done, especially with the kind of mortgage advice available from Expat Mortgages.

Most people buy their first house at around age 30, when their incomes are on the upswing. But what about buying a home as an international citizen after retirement? This is where some expertise may be needed. For the last 10 years, Expat Mortgages has worked successfully with people from over 75 countries to find homes in the Netherlands.

Question and Answer

We sat down with Thea de Wit to learn how she and her family found their dream apartment in Holland with the help of Expat Mortgages. Born and raised in the Netherlands, 71-year-old Thea lived in the US for more than 45 years with her husband Morgan Strong, a dual Irish-American citizen. While they have an American son, daughter, and two grandchildren, Thea has always remained a proud Dutch citizen. Over the years, the family visited the Netherlands frequently, sometimes spending summers here with their children, who loved their Dutch relatives, as well as Dutch culture, food, traditions, and arts.

When and why did you decide to buy a property in the Netherlands?

I recently retired after 35 years working as a director for a social service organization, and Morgan had minimized his duties as a journalist writing for Worldwide Publications. We decided to purchase an apartment for us, our children and grandchildren in the Netherlands, the country we all love so much. The apartment we purchased is very close to a train station, providing us the opportunity to expand our horizons through national and international travel, and to participate in the many cultural events Europe offers, including arts, music and theater, in addition to spending time with our friends and family members there.

Why did you decide to use the services of mortgage advisors?

We initially began the process of purchasing property with the help of a Dutch realtor in 2013, when we first began thinking about a home in Holland. We visited and spoke to numerous banks, mortgage providers, and advisors, both in the US as well as in the Netherlands, without success. Consequently we believed owning property in the Netherlands would not be an option for us, and gave up.

How did you find out about the services of Expat Mortgages?

In 2016 a Google Search brought us to Expat Mortgages. We were somewhat apprehensive at first, despite the positive references. Placing our trust in an organization unknown to us, providing them with access to the financial and personal information needed to secure a mortgage was a difficult decision to make, especially while being in the US.

What were your first impressions of the company and your advisor?

Our first telephone contact was with Maikel Ros, who remained our advisor until the process was completed. All our contacts and interactions with Expat Mortgages were conducted via phone, computer, and email. Lars Harren assisted Maikel and provided valuable support related to the many specifically Dutch financial laws, rules, and procedures we were unfamiliar with.

We have been most fortunate to have found and worked with the staff of Expat Mortgages, and are convinced that without their services we would not have been successful in purchasing our lovely apartment. – Thea de Wit

Did you experience hurdles and complications?

Absolutely, but Expat Mortgages’ consistently professional approach always led to resolutions and positive outcomes. Going through the process of purchasing a home and securing a mortgage is challenging under the best of circumstances. Being able to accomplish this long distance via computer and telephone is a testimony to the strength of Expat Mortgages and their staff.

Tell us about your work with Expat Mortgages

Our impression of Expat Mortgages has been outstanding during the entire process. The knowledge of Maikel and Lars, combined with their patience, dedication, commitment, and willingness to be available (especially considering our time difference) has been most impressive. We have been most fortunate to have found and worked with the staff of Expat Mortgages and are convinced that without their services we would not have been successful in purchasing our lovely apartment. We developed a very productive relationship, allowing us to express our ups and downs and unexpected challenges, such as Dutch expectations we were not familiar with, and sometimes frustrated by. The excellent reputation of Expat Mortgages became evident in their professional relationship with other involved parties during the process and must have facilitated the outcome. We often share our experience with others, as we are still a bit in awe as to how we managed to purchase our dream home in such an unconventional way!

And what about the happy day of signing the purchase deed of your house?

It was a lovely moment, finding ourselves on the sunny terrace of our new apartment, sipping the champagne Maikel had brought for us to the meeting at the Notary. I had the feeling of accomplishing an incredible mission!

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