Introducing Daisy's Yellow Pepper: Postpartum Care for Busy Mamas

September 20, 2017 By Maria Dicieanu 0 Comments

After 9 months of back pains, nausea and weight gain, we hope and expect that when our babies finally arrive, we will be happy, and full of joy at their every little developmental milestone ... but what if you're too exhausted? That is where Desirée Domacasse and her program Yellow Pepper You come in ...

Whether it's due to lack of sleep, fluctuating hormones, or the challenge of adapting to the massive changes childbirth brings to our lives, many of us do not simply bounce back. Becoming a mother is a profoundly life-changing event. It can be hard for new mothers to know what is or isn’t normal, and when to ask for help. Every newborn is bound to bring sleepless nights, a change in life rhythms, mess, and quite a lot of noise, but the "baby-blues", self-doubt, low body esteem and exhaustion are not must-haves in this experience.

What if there were a way to address these issues early on, before they become a barrier to enjoying life and motherhood? Daisy's Yellow Pepper's program Yellow Pepper You is described as "A Six Week Program to Become a Blissfully Healthy Mom" and it has done exactly that for its many clients.

Merim’s Story

As she prepared for the birth of her second child, Merim van Hazendonk was determined not to repeat the choices that had her verging on depression after giving birth to her first child. She discovered the Yellow Pepper You program during a workshop she attended at a yoga center, a month prior to giving birth. Merim was immediately charmed by Desirée's “sweet, calm and open” personality. Indeed, it only takes a quick glance over the website or Desirée's Instagram account to understand exactly what Merim is talking about – they exude peace, balance, and positivity.  

 “Post-partum can be more intense than giving birth and hardly anybody talks about it”

During the workshop, Desirée spoke of the critical role a healthy lifestyle plays in regaining balance after giving birth. The workshop resonated deeply with Merim because in her experience “post-partum can be more intense than giving birth and hardly anybody talks about it”. Recalling the first months after giving birth to her eldest child, Merim said: "I gained 25 kilos during pregnancy and then even more after giving birth! I felt like I had a black hole in me and was eating non-stop. I had quite a negative body image and was not happy about how I looked.”

It was not just the extra weight that was the problem. Merim simply didn't feel good about herself, which ultimately affected the quality of the time she spent with her baby. The second time around, Merim wanted to approach everything more consciously. When, a month after giving birth, she started seeing some of the patterns of her first experience emerge, she decided to contact Desirée immediately and give Yellow Pepper You a chance.

For new mothers who, unlike Merim, don't know how things look when they start to go wrong, there is also a self scan test on the website that helps them assess their risk of suffering from post-natal depletion.  

How It Works

Yellow Pepper You is designed for new mothers and its core belief is that depression can be managed with healthy eating habits and practices. It lasts six weeks and provides healthy recipes and weekly sessions of training and counseling. A special interface allows the user to unlock new content every week. It is customized for the unique needs and circumstances of every client. The weekly coaching sessions allow Desirée to evaluate progress and to adjust the program as needed.

Yellow Pepper You goes beyond nutritional counseling. Merim's program, for instance, consisted of many things beyond meal planning:

  • Matching with apps that allowed her to optimize household mangement with her husband
  • Counseling on how to treat postpartum allergies and acne
  • Advice and support on how to improve parent and baby sleep patterns
  • Coaching on how to infuse mindfulness into her daily routines so that she could nurture herself both physically and spiritually

The benefits of Yellow Pepper You continue even after the program's completion. For many clients, Daisy's Yellow Pepper provides their first exposure to nutritionally optimal eating. All the recipes are based on vegetarian cuisine, but can easily be turned non-vegetarian or vegan upon request. Most importantly, through managing their nutrition, clients learn how it feels to be in control of their own body.

“I see her as a motivational coach. She's very empowering and encouraging about each little form of progress!” Merim concludes about Desirée.

To find out more about Daisy's Yellow Pepper and the Yellow Pepper You program, visit the website or contact Desirée.

Note: Daisy's Yellow Pepper has paid to be featured on Amsterdam Mamas because they believe that their services would be of interest and benefit to our readers, and we think so too. For more information on sponsored posts and advertising on Amsterdam Mamas, please see our Advertising and Disclosure policy.  

Maria Dicieanu is Multimedia in Human Form. Media researcher. Journalist. Filmmaker. PR and Social Media Mind. Cinephille. TV Shows aficionado. Books Lover. Music Video guru. Mother of the sweetest daredevils: Aiden and Colin. Twitter: @ricutza  

photo credits: Daisy's Yellow Pepper

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