Skin care salon Bem Estar began as a one-woman operation 13 years ago and has successfully transitioned into a team of talented skin treatment specialists.

Bem Estar – Feeling Good  

Bem Estar Beauty Clinic is a place you can go for specialised skin care and hair removal treatments, as well as relaxation and self care. “Bem Estar” means to feel good/to have a sense of well being in Portuguese. Hardworking mama Luciana Paulo Silva, the founder of Bem Estar Beauty Clinic, outlines her treatment philosophy: “To give confidence, to change just a little bit in a way to enhance natural beauty, not to make radical changes.”

The Back Story

Luciana began her beauty training in Brazil at age 19. Later, she moved herself to the Netherlands with her 8-year-old son and began giving treatments in clients’ homes. She worked a second job and had to learn both English and Dutch as she grew her beauty treatment business. Luciana, or Lu as her loyal clients and friends call her, developed a devoted following and her business spread by word of mouth.  

With her growing success, Lu opened a small location, then moved to a bigger location on the Keizersgracht, and about 6 years ago moved again to her current, more spacious location at Rozengracht 234. Just about the time the new location opened, Amsterdam Mamas was founded. Luciana participated in the first AM event and met many of the AM founders. And because Lu is a mama, she knows the challenges of finding time for self-care and says “Don’t worry, there’s room for baby buggies if you should need to bring your little one along.” 

To give confidence, to change just a little bit in a way to enhance natural beauty, not to make radical changes.

Training a Trustworthy Team

When she moved to her new location, Luciana knew that she was going to need help. Her clientele had grown and she couldn’t manage them alone anymore. As she told me, laughing, “27 years of waxing and then my arms said ‘Uh-oh that’s enough!’ That’s why I now have a team.”

At first it was difficult to transition to having a team. Lu knew each client’s history and special needs and had personal relationships with them. But she carefully screened and trained her employees to follow her protocols. They all constantly update their training, as she also does. They mesh with her style. They even have team meetings to discuss treatment decisions. That’s why Lu is confident she can trust her team to care for her clients with the same high level of care she always provides.  

Small Salon – Big Technology

Bem Estar may be a small salon, but they always offer the latest technology in the field. They consistently choose the best and safest choices, maintain their equipment rigorously, and develop their skills with frequent trainings in the latest methods and practices.

As part of this tradition, BemEstar is proud to announce that they are the first salon in Amsterdam to offer the HIFULAB. HIFU means high-intensity focused ultrasound. It is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment that produces a facial-lifting effect without damaging the skin’s surface, basically a non-surgical facelift. It is also an excellent treatment for anyone who is suffering from acne-related issues.

Another specialty at Bem Estar is Laser Hair Removal. To combat  “stubble struggle’” they offer two different laser hair removal solutions by the Alma Beauty company, a top-rated laser system available in many world-class clinics. One machine has a slightly bigger laser so it is perfect for removing hair on large areas like legs and back and the other has a smaller laser more targeted for areas like the face, bikini and underarm area. Since demand for laser treatments is high, another laser machine will be arriving in the salon in the next month.

Bem Estar was also one of the first salons in Amsterdam to offer an online booking system for better customer service. It is super easy to go to their site and book an appointment. You can choose a particular therapist to see when they are available; or if time is your priority, you can opt to take one of the specialists available at the time you want.

More Beauty Services

At Bem Estar you can get a one-hour detailed skin evaluation to develop a longer course of treatment for stubborn problems, for example, acne. There are many different treatments for acne, so the specialists here can help choose the one that will work best for each client’s life situation.

Bem Estar offers an authentic Brazilian Wax Experience. This treatment is ideal for the face, any part of the body and, of course, the famous “Brazilian”. It is an effective method to remove large amounts of hair at one time and the results last for up to around 4 weeks depending on the speed at which your hair regrows. One thing’s for sure – it saves shaving every day!

Additionally, you can schedule quick appointments for facial cleansing or relaxation.  Some of their other services are peels, masks, facials, permanent makeup, and collagen shots.

We say to them ‘It’s your skin not your mom’s’. They will listen to us and not their moms. We love them. They are so concerned. One pimple is a drama. And when you solve their problems they are so happy!

Men and Teens Welcome

I wondered if Lu had any clients who were not women between the ages of 30-55 and she said absolutely yes – men and teenagers both. I learned that the most common thing men ask for is laser back hair removal. Acne-related treatment is also common.

Acne is what teenagers, both boys and girls, primarily seek treatment for; parents do not come in with the teenager, to give them extra confidence and privacy. Lu says: “We say to them ‘It’s your skin not your mom’s’. They will listen to us and not their moms. We love them. They are so concerned. One pimple is a drama. And when you solve their problems they are so happy!”

New Directions

Bem Estar just produced their first free eBook – How to Stop Premature Aging.

It offers a 3-step, simple to follow guide to start preventing those early signs of aging in our skin. More eBooks are in the works.

They also recently began a monthly free prize draw for all our newsletter subscribers. An active member of the subscriber list is randomly selected each month and they can visit the salon and select a free hand cream (worth over 20€).

You are not going to find before and after photos on the Bem Estar website. That does not value their clients’ privacy. What you are going to find are enthusiastic testimonials by happy clients. Many of the testimonials are from Lu’s original house clients and they still come to her salon today. Happy long-term clients are the best way to convey the successful results and personal care you will receive there.

To learn more about the many services available, please visit Bem Estar’s website.

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Photo Credit: Bem Estar

Lori Evans

Lori Evans is a writer and musician/piano teacher from the USA, now in the Netherlands for over three years. She recently moved to Haarlem with her techie husband, her delightfully grumpy 16-year-old son, and two easy-going cats, and thanks technology for keeping her in touch with her daughter in college in NYC.