Body and Mind – Are Yours in Balance?

When Eva Visser Plaza returned to work after having her son in 2010 she somehow felt she no longer fit the stressful corporate environment she found herself in. She soon found herself following a new path. A path that led her to where she is today: a place where she finally feels at home. 

Eva knew she wanted to be a trainer and coach but it wasn’t until she attended a course during her own journey of self-discovery that she found the path that was true to her and has enabled her to fulfill her vision. Eva had the opportunity to experience rebalancing bodywork and found she had a natural talent and affinity with this technique that helps you to realign your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self. 

Eva has an invaluable, priceless gift that she holds literally in her hands and in her heart. – ​Sara

Her call to rebalancing bodywork and coaching led her to take a deep breath and embark on a 3-year study program to learn about and become a certified rebalancing therapist. Combining this with her project management skills, Eva has developed a comprehensive program to help guide other women on their own path of rediscovery. In 2014, she founded Eva Authentic Living and began to put her skills into practice. Since then she has helped many intuitive, sensitive, creative, international women successfully explore their inner voice and align this with the outside world.  

What to Expect

Eva creates a unique plan for each client that includes on-line support, a workbook, and 5-10 sessions of body-orientated coaching.  Eva’s holistic approach leaves you with a feeling of empowerment and you find yourself able to gain clarity in your career choices or the ability to recover from a burn-out, as well as receiving a sense of inner peace which enables you to create your own soul-centered life and career. 

Eva talks with a deep knowledge and understanding of the human psyche, and the relationship and barriers between the mind and the body. With rebalancing bodywork, Eva can help break down those barriers and give you back an awareness of who you really are by allowing you to listen to your body. Her coaching skills then guide you through using that awareness to build the life you want, centered on your own body and authentic soul. 

When you receive a rebalancing bodywork session Eva will identify which elements of the technique are most suitable for you. As you lie on her massage table she will ask you questions that invite you to explore the sensations in your body. While using a combination of gentle pressure and movement similar to massage, as well as breathing and meditation exercises, body-reading, and inquiry she guides you to reflect and create an awareness of who you are. It really is a liberating experience and one which is unique to each person.

… the work with Eva has rocked my life upside down, it gave me the peace and confidence I could never find on my own the last 20 years. And that is one big present to be given by someone. – Marianne

Eva is a wonderful, strong, down to earth woman who has a sensitive, intuitive nature. Authenticity is key to Eva’s philosophy and a value she embodies herself. It is important to her to be genuine and true to herself and her clients, in doing so she has built a successful business of which she is rightly proud. She can help you to do the same if you are ready to discover your true inner potential.   

If you are having problems at work, feel unsettled in what you are doing, stressed, or generally dissatisfied with life, Eva Authentic Living can work with you to help you to find your health, vitality, and balance once again. Give yourself the gift of authenticity, find your own truth with Eva Authentic Living.

You can contact Eva to schedule a free 20-minute discovery, or read more about Eva, her practice, and upcoming workshops at

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Becky Riddle

Becky Riddle is a full-time mom and self-confessed jack-of-all-trades-yet-master-of-none. She has been living, growing, learning, and loving with her English family of three girls and husband in the Netherlands since 2006.