Thinking outside the box is vital when it comes to modern parenting, particularly for families who travel internationally on a regular basis.  Here’s the latest paradigm shift from Holiday Sitters: You don’t have to give up the familiarity of a trusted partner just because you’ve crossed the border. Holiday Sitters has you covered.

Have you ever imagined how great it would be to include the kids on a work trip so you could see the world together? Have you ever regretted not bringing the kids on a pleasure trip because it seemed a bit too grown up? If you’ve dismissed these musings as impossible once you recalled that part about needing reliable childcare in a foreign city, don’t despair. Amsterdam’s fastest growing babysitter network has a solution.

Wait, I Can Bring the Kids?!

Enter Holiday Sitters, the progressive Amsterdam-based babysitting service that has childcare covered with a network of reliable, professional sitters across several European countries. Now you no longer have to leave the kids at home or choose between the kids and work, because reliable childcare allows your kids to see the world while you pursue your highest career and travel goals. If you’re traveling for business or pleasure, or even attending a conference, now you can bring the kids because Holiday Sitters has you covered.

An Amsterdam initiative started by Galit Bauer and Ela Slutsky, Holiday Sitters is rapidly reinventing babysitting in several countries as it combines childcare with work and travel. This allows parents to pursue their objectives knowing the children are safe. The babysitting service is rapidly expanding. “ We are growing to offer more locations and more single bookings and bundles to use across different cities as you travel around Europe. If you live here in Amsterdam and go to Munich or Berlin with your family, you can take the kids, and have a sitter for evenings when you want to spend time alone or when you need to work during the day. We have a continental network to tap into as you travel through Europe,” said Galit. In January Holiday Sitters launched in Berlin. Munich launched at the end of May, and Dublin is slated for the end of June. Vienna and Rome will follow. “After six months of managing Berlin, it works perfectly due to the competent and loyal team we have put on the ground,” Galit said.

Consistent Level of Trust

Holiday Sitters has a reputation for sending excellent sitters fluent in the language your child speaks. Parents can log on to their website to choose a sitter, confident in the strict vetting process and reliability of their chosen sitter. “We use the same method for recruitment abroad as we do in Amsterdam, with very thorough background checks, interviews, and reference checks. We have not compromised quality for quantity, and we are maintaining the same level of trust,” Galit said.

“If you live here in Amsterdam and go to Munich or Berlin with your family, you can take the kids, and have a sitter for evenings when you want to spend time alone or when you need to work during the day. We have a continental network to tap into as you travel through Europe.”  ~ Galit Bauer

Holiday Sitters offers services for parents on vacation as well as for parents on business trips and conference attendees. “We partner with conferences directly to offer services for conference attendees. We recently partnered with a 20,000 person Republica conference in Berlin and with the Hub Berlin conference,” said Ela. Holiday Sitters also recently provided childcare to the Ripe 78 conference in Reykjavik, Iceland. (As of June 2019.) 

When Holiday Sitters partners with a conference, parents can expect certified childcare providers in a safe and fun childcare room with a variety of activities including a week-long program for the kids that changes daily. Parents can sign up for childcare as they register for the conference.


Progressive Social Message

For Holiday Sitters, the emphasis is on diversity and equality, and especially on women being able to thrive in their careers while mothering. “We see more and more of a positive reaction to our services because today we need such diversity. Diversity is good for business because diverse companies are more successful financially. Our social agenda is important to us,” Ela said. This emphasis is echoed in many client reviews found on the Holiday Sitter website, such as this one from Boris Veldhuizen van Zanten, Co-founder of The Next Web, and conference client of Holiday Sitters:  “You ask ‘Should there be childcare at professional conferences?’ I ask why isn’t it already a thing? We see all these smart solutions come along like Airbnb and Whatsapp that leverage technology to make our lives better and easier and wonder how we ever lived without them. In the tech industry where there is a well-documented under-participation of women, why aren’t we coming up with smart, simple solutions to support a positive shift forward? Even in dual-career families, women are typically responsible for sorting childcare and the ones most likely to pass up on career opportunities if they are unable to make arrangements. That’s why we partner with Holiday Sitters to offer top-notch childcare to all of our attendees and speakers at TNW Conference, in a forward-thinking and seamless manner. There is a lot of talk and effort to help increase women’s participation as speakers and attendees at tech conferences, offering childcare at events like ours is one of the most obvious, easy to implement solutions. Hopefully, we’ll get to the point where we will wonder how we ever lived without it.”

“It was really useful for me to know that Juan was having a nice time and I could enjoy the event and to be able to travel with my son for work. Thank you RIPE for this great service!” – Gianina, mother of Juan (8 months)

Ela shared the story of another client, Sashka Rothchild, Founder & CEO of Stndby, who attended a web conference with her husband and their four-year-old son. The couple was happy to use the Holiday Sitter service during the day and evening so they could both fully commit to the conference. “As the keynote speaker for this year’s TNW Conference, I was very busy preparing for the event and during the days and evenings of the conference. I needed flexible, reliable childcare at various hours. Fortunately, I found Holiday Sitters and was able to easily book childcare for my son. The entire process was stress-free and Galit immediately answered all of my questions. Thanks to Holiday Sitters, I was able to focus on the conference, knowing my son was in trusted and capable hands. He looked forward to his time with the babysitter, who was very natural with him and planned lots of activities around his interests. Childcare at conferences should be a standard and provided by Holiday Sitters, the standard in childcare,” said Sashka.

“Thanks, Holiday Sitters for seamlessly arranging a sitter for us on our trip to Amsterdam. Dina arrived right on time and the kids enjoyed being with her and we got to have a night out. Great service.” – Susanne and Ken Simpson

Book Your Own Holiday Sitter

Conferences can contact Holiday Sitters through their website to arrange service. Individuals can also book online. Holiday Sitters charges €16.99 an hour including VAT, with no additional cost lurking around the corner – no subscription, registration, or any other kind of fee. They offer discounts with bundles of 30, 40 and 50-hours with an average 20% discount. Bundles can bring the price down to as low as €12 an hour, and for obvious reasons are more suitable for locals or visitors who are looking to book more hours. Bundles can be used in any city where Holiday Sitters operates, the same as single bookings.


To learn more about how Holiday Sitters can help you whether you reside in Amsterdam or are only here temporarily, visit their website or their Facebook page.

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