If you are looking for the services of a chiropractor to optimize your or your child’s health, look no further than Wellbeing Chiropractic. Dr Karen Jaffe, Amsterdam’s only pediatric chiropractor certified by the International Pediatric Association, takes a gentle approach to improving health and wellbeing, specializing in pregnancy, pediatric and family care while equally open to treating older teens and men.

One of Wellbeing Chiropractic’s youngest patients arrived at the office in Amsterdam’s Koninginneweg 217 unable to drink. The newborn baby boy was losing weight quickly. Dr. Karen Jaffe didn’t waste any time with this one. She applied gentle finger pressure at the top of the skull to relieve nerve pressure she suspected of causing feeding pain. “I could feel the misalignment and directly after the correction, he fed in our reception area. Now he’s a chunky, healthy baby,” she said.

It’s about optimal function. 

Karen founded Wellbeing Chiropractic in 2011, the same year she became the first woman to be awarded the Netherlands’ Chiropractor of the Year. She is also the only chiropractor in Amsterdam certified in chiropractic pediatrics by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. Working with her female team of two assistants and one practice manager makes her proud. As a mother and an international resident of Amsterdam herself, she feels great synchronicity with the community of the Amsterdam Mamas: “We’re all moms”.

A Gentle Approach

Karen takes a careful and gentle approach to chiropractic. “It’s not just bone-crunching, as is often the perception,” the Australian mother of two emphasized. “At Wellbeing, we assess your overall health, help you reconnect with your body, and discover the areas that need attention. We remove the blocks that prevent you from experiencing optimum health and vitality, restoring the central nervous system’s natural function. I do manual corrections, and am also proficient at low force techniques which involve no cracking. I modify to what clients can handle, what they do and don’t want.” she said.

Karen’s commitment to chiropractic began in high school. She was interested in medicine, but not too keen on the cutting and blood aspects of actual practice. As a high school student in Melbourne searching for the right course of university study, she fell into chiropractic when a friend suggested it, and arranged for her to observe a practice. “On day one I wanted to do it. People came in one way, and they went out another,” she said.

After a challenging five years of full-time study, she graduated at age 24. “I started in Melbourne covering a maternity leave and I got to learn by osmosis. That’s where my passion for kids was ignited. Kids respond quickly to chiropractic with their sensitive nervous systems, and it’s very gentle, with amazing results,” she said.

What To Expect When You Visit Wellbeing

While children can be treated right away, Karen takes a slower approach to adults. An initial consultation begins with a consideration of the big picture and taking the patient’s history. “First, we’ll sit down together to discuss your health goals and see what might be preventing you from achieving them. Then we’ll guide you through a comprehensive chiropractic examination to test your nerve system function. In addition to standard tests, we use several state-of-the-art technologies to scan your posture, muscle tone, and stress levels.” Once this information is compiled, treatment can begin. “I’m thorough, I do a lot of tests,” she said. Her methods are precise, reliable, and scientifically valid, and they lead to a holistic course of action aimed at helping you operate at your optimal best.

Wellbeing Specializes In Chiropractic For Pregnancy, Pediatric, and Families

Karen says she sees a lot of different cases. As a mother of two, she understands what a woman’s body goes through with pregnancy, birth, and the early years of mothering, and she provides new mothers with vital support. “Pregnancy can be heavy on the body but doesn’t have to be. If I can get the pelvis aligned, it leads to better birth outcomes so I can have better results for both the mothers and the newborns,” she said. Then there are sleepless nights and the stress of caring for a newborn as she helps women through the hard parts. “When you have no family to help as an expat, I connect well with clients on that level. I’ve been there,” she said.

Karen: Mum’s The Word Podcast

You can tune into Karen’s interviews with experts on birth issues from preconception to age four. In the office, her holistic approach helps mothers and children from the very beginning, and she sees different newborn issues come up. “Head preference is when an infant can only turn their head one way, maybe from a difficult birth involving the vacuum. Newborns can have bruising and not be able to suck well, they can have colic or pressure at the cranium. There can be developmental issues with an asymmetrical crawl, headaches, and ear infections due to drainage issues,” she said. Chiropractic care to remove interference in the nervous system can help alleviate these symptoms, especially when combined with education, wellness, nutrition, and prevention in an overall holistic approach.

I’d never find another more rewarding job. It’s extremely fulfilling to help families.

In addition to women and babies, Karen also sees older children and men, and sometimes whole families together. She does preventative work on teenagers and helps men in the corporate world, sporty people, and the elderly. Her office is extremely family-based. “A patient came in with a fractured coccyx after childbirth. She couldn’t sit well and swore off having more kids. After treatment, she went on to have another child. I’d never find another more rewarding job. It’s extremely fulfilling to help families,” Karen said.

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