Are you looking for a new activity class with your little one? Find out more about Baby Sensory classes, fun for you and fun for your baby.

As a new mother, I scoured the local area looking for activities to do with my newborn where I could meet other parents and doing something fun with my baby. How I wish Baby Sensory had been available then!

Created in the UK by Dr. Lin Day, Baby Sensory produce a series of activity-based classes for parent and child which are designed to stimulate your child’s full range of senses.

Classes begin each time with the ‘Say Hello” song, gently alerting your child that the fun is about to begin. Throughout the class your Baby Sensory leader with guide you and your child through musical, physical and stimulating activities allowing them to explore their world in a safe, age-appropriate way.

Brought to the Netherlands in 2011 by Drs. Natalie van Gelder, Baby Sensory classes can now be found nationwide. We asked Natalie to tell us a bit more about Baby Sensory and the benefits for parents and childen.

Natalie, why is Baby Sensory important?

Baby Sensory gives parents the opportunity to learn more about the development of their baby and how they can stimulate this through play, games and communication. In the classes we show how babies develop their sensory, motor and cognitive skills. But, most of all, parents and babies share lots of fun. They develop, learn, play and discover together.

What inspired you to bring Baby Sensory to the Netherlands?

In UK and USA there are lots of programs and classes for parents and babies/toddlers. Parents are more aware of the importance of early years’ education. Children do not start learning at age 4 when they enroll in the Dutch school system. As a developmental Psychologist (Pedagoog), I missed these important activities in Holland. Most activities, like sports or music/dance classes in Holland for kids start at age 4. Such a lost opportunity in my opinion. This lack of activity combined with my ambition to work in my profession as a developmental psychologist and wanting to start my own business,inspired me to start Baby Sensory.  

What is the best thing about running Baby Sensory?

To see all those happy babies and parents in class every week. It is a privilege! Parents often report back that they continued playing/signing/singing or any other activity from class at home and that their baby really benefits from it. It is simply so rewarding to see how simple tips can help parents so much.

And parents attending Baby Sensory agree:

‘Loved the changing themes! Great variety of activities that change from week to week and a nice portion of activities that don’t change which helps the baby recognize the classes. Gave lots of inspiration as some activities could be repeated easily at home too. Fun to meet other mamas and babies!’ Tiina O.

‘We started taking our daughter to Baby Sensory classes when she was 12 weeks old. She is now 9 months and has really grown into the classes and is still loving them. When we first started, my initial impression was just how beautiful the classes were – the music, the colourful props and different themes. I loved how all the babies would stop whatever they were doing and just watch the teacher, transfixed by the beautiful ribbons, bubbles, lights, tents, balloons, instruments, puppets and balls… there is so much variety every week! Each week she loves the “Say Hello to the Sun” and the “Goodbye” songs with the signing, I sing them to her at home and I can see she recognises the songs and loves it. The classes are such a lovely thing to do with your baby, the quality time spent with them, watching them get stimulated with such beautiful and well thought out sessions. The other benefit is the interaction with other babies (and parents) during the free play – we have met many lovely friends through these classes. Finally, I love how she sleeps so well after these classes, tired from the stimulation and (hopefully) dreaming of the beautiful images from the class! I would highly recommend these classes for all parents and babies!” Melinda C.

‘Baby Sensory is great for babies as well as their mummies/daddies. The songs and games enable you to interact with, stimulate and aid your baby’s development in a new and fun way. They are easy to do together at home as well, so the fun lasts longer than just the lesson! Often everyday items are used, e.g. an umbrella, and it therefore encourages you to get creative yourself. Working with a weekly theme gives the lesson a clear framework. The babies also love seeing and meeting other babies. Sometimes they prefer this to what is actually going on! And during the free play time mummies/daddies also get the opportunity to meet other mummies/daddies making the lesson a sociable one for everyone. I highly recommend Baby Sensory. Joline.

Practical Info:

  • Where – Baby Sensory, Hygieatstraat 8, Amsterdam
  • Contact – To book a free trial session call 06-41811260 or e-mail
  • Handy Tip – You need not wait for one semester to finish. There is a flexibility of joining the classes midway and the staff will help you ease through the initial stages.


Baby Sensory received an honourable mention for ‘Best Baby Class’ in the Amsterdam Mamas Recommends Awards 2016. For more information about Baby Sensory visit their website or Facebook page.

Disclaimer: Baby Sensory has paid to be featured on Amsterdam Mamas because they believe that their services would be of interest and benefit to our readers, and we think so too. For more information on sponsored posts and advertising on Amsterdam Mamas, please see our Advertising and Disclosure policy.

All images used with permission of Baby Sensory.