Belastingdienst? Blue Umbrella offers internationals an accurate and affordable support platform for Dutch tax matters to help them navigate the complexities of the Dutch tax system with ease and confidence.

It’s in English.

It’s online.

And you can register free of charge.

If you’re feeling a bit unsure about how the Dutch tax system works, here are five reasons to let Blue Umbrella take the worry out of completing your income tax return, the 30% ruling, small business tax support, child care allowance, and keeping up with your tax mail. Blue Umbrella can even file your US taxes!

5 compelling reasons to reach out to Blue Umbrella for peace of mind:

1.  No Stress Income Tax Return 

Easy, fast and efficient. File your income tax at your convenience in simple English by submitting the form on your personal My Blue Page. For a flat fee of €135, Blue Umbrella will check your tax data, convert it into the appropriate tax code, and file it with the Dutch tax office upon your approval. There is no charge until you submit the Questionnaire. As the liaison between you and the tax office, Blue Umbrella will make appeals on your behalf and help you manage tax-related correspondence by providing translations. With no surprises or hidden expenses, the fee remains €135 no matter how complicated it gets. Blue Umbrella ensures results within a week in normal situations.


2. Experts on the 30% Ruling

The 30% ruling is a tax exemption for an expat employees, under which an employer can pay up to 30% of the salary of an ex-pat employee with the 30% status free of tax. Blue Umbrella can inform you about the requirements and benefits of this tax exemption and help you and your employer apply for the 30% ruling for a fixed fee of €250 (excluding VAT).


3. Small Business Support Service

Many internationals want to establish small businesses in various fields. Blue Umbrella’s fully deductible tax service helps the self-employed file Dutch taxes such as VAT and income tax while providing unlimited access to their experienced tax advisers. A fixed monthly fee starting from €60 (excluding VAT) gives you access to help start your business, VAT and ICP filing, income and corporate tax filings, annual tax filings, payroll taxes, legal and tax advice, and bookkeeping support.


4.  Benefit from the Child Care Allowance (kinderopvangtoeslag)

The Dutch government provides substantial subsidies to lower the costs of formal childcare, available to parents working or studying in the Netherlands, irrespective of nationality. Blue Childcare is designed to help you finance your childcare costs and benefit optimally from the available childcare subsidies. Blue Umbrella will apply for and manage your childcare subsidy, including other allowances and benefits such as health care allowance, rent allowance and child benefit (‘kinderbijslag’) from the SVB


5.  Stay in Touch with Your Dutch Tax Mail

It’s important to stay connected to the Dutch Tax Office if you’re just arriving in the Netherlands or if you’re moving on. You won’t miss important tax correspondence with the Blue Umbrella digital repository for your tax mail for just €99 per year. Blue Umbrella will email you all information and requests from the Tax Office (Belastingdienst) translated into plain English and advise you on what to do. The original paper letters are posted to your online and secure Blue Page portal.


For more information on how Blue Umbrella can help you with your taxes and other financial matters, check out their website and Facebook page.

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