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    Pieter Calandlaan 1211 1069 RE Amsterdam
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If you have to constantly rock, walk around the house or feed your child to sleep; your baby wakes up multiples time at night; you have tried everything to break the cycle of inconsistent sleep, but find that nothing works and keep falling back into old, destructive patterns; you feel generally tired and exhausted throughout the day then Tiny Sleepyhead can help you!

We will work together on creating a unique, tailored sleep plan for your child/ren. I will take into consideration your child’s age, medical needs, temperament as well as family dynamics. Your child will not be left alone to cry it out! Would you like to continue breast feeding, co-sleeping? No problem! The customized plan will be sure to suit all your needs and expectations. I will be there to support you and answer any of your questions during the whole coaching process. We will get there together!

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