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LUCKY BEAT is a new conceptual music project for children in Amsterdam Zuid. “Lucky Beat” is not only the place where your kids will acquire new skills and knowledge in music, we created a platform for them to fulfil their musical dreams. Every child will get the experience music production and stage performance. We involve everyone in the exciting creative process. They work together as a band, sing, act, dance, compose and record, learn how to play guitar, drums, bass and keyboard and take part of a grand live show at the end of each term. It doesn’t matter if your kids have prior experience or skills. Young kids get their first experience in music, older groups work with more complex material as a part of a band.

We believe that every child is unique and talented. They simply need our help to find their own way in life. Lucky Beat is a great opportunity for them to feel like Pop and Rock stars, to spend time with friends who share the same interests and ambitions, to develop their musical skills and have lots of fun together.

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