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I am Eva Visser Plaza, Founder of Eva Authentic Living.

I am a soul-centered coach and bodyworker for sensitive and intuitive mom & fempreneurs that wish to align their mind with their heart and soul in their life and career.

I am on a mission to get mothers and women to connect with their authentic self and embody their female soul to transform them into leaders of the new economy. Inviting them to embody their soulful value through authenticity, compassion, intuition, collaboration, sensitivity and long-term view.

When women allow themselves to step into their light, magic starts to happen and transforms their lives and that of others.

Contact me today to schedule in a free half-hour session where we will determine:

★ Where you are in your life and career.

★ If you are ready to devote your time and energy to invest in creating a soulful life and career

★ Which Eva Authentic Living program will give you the insights, process, structure, and accountability to get you there.

★ …and last but not least, if we would make a good team or if I know someone else who would.


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