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Are you having a hard time feeling like yourself after pregnancy? Are you a constantly tired mom? Or are you pregnant and want to know how to nourish yourself after delivery?

With motherhood comes a laser focus on the wellbeing of our little one(s). Our own health is put on the back-burner, which increases our stress levels, compromises our immune system and forces us to function on less than optimal energy levels. Unfortunately as moms, we're less healthy than women who don't have children. Partly, because we don't allow ourselves adequate recovery time after birth and we're missing the knowledge on how to nourish ourselves as mothers.

Daisy's Yellow Pepper focuses solely on helping moms feel great again. Seeing what it means to take care of yourself is a lesson that will benefit your children immensely and will gift them a mom who can do more than just keep up. Through one-on-one sessions and workshops Desirée seeks to help other moms achieve optimal health. She's a nutritionist with a background in biomedical sciences and behavioral economics. This combination of expertise allows you to not only focus on what to do, but also on how to fit healthy habits into your lifestyle so they'll serve you long-term.

You'll find information about health and motherhood on the Daisy's Yellow Pepper blog where you can sign up for the newsletter and you can contact Desirée for private consultations via e-mail or by phone.

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