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    1) Wg-Plein 375, 2nd Floor, AOC Building, 1054 SG, Amsterdam Oud West. 2) Kinderdijkstraat 74-III, 1079 GN, Amsterdam Zuid (Commencing 20 Sept 2017)
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    06 2232 1964

I am Deshana, a certified massage therapist based in Amsterdam.
I specialize in Deep Tissue Massage which incorporate myosfascial release, pressure point therapy, facilitated stretching and breathwork.
The goal of my session is to help my client to:
- elleviate pain,
- release muscular tension and holding pattern,
- improve flexibilty and mobility,
- calm the nervous system,
- relieve stress,
- gain better posture and body awareness.
Additionally, I also provide Pregnancy Massage (only after 1st trimester) & Stress Relief Relaxing Massage.
With our ever challenging and demanding lifestyle, massage therapy is an effective self-care regime that helps our body to relax and heal on all levels . Prevention is better than cure.
You are most welcome to contact me for additional information or to schedule an appointment:-
Deshana • • 06 2232 1964 (via SMS/Whatsapp)

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