Questions to Ask Your Daycare

September 19, 2012 By Emmy McCarthy 4 Comments

Many of our parents use daycare and the options in Amsterdam alone are numerous. So how do you choose which daycare to place your child with. What are the questions you should be asking?

The Mamas put their heads together and came up with the questions they found most important to ask when assessing new daycares for their children.


What is your staff turnover?

What are your staff’s medical and educational qualifications?

Do you follow a particular educational philosophy and if so, how do you implement it?

Policies and Procedures

What are your policies on diaper changing and potty training?

What techniques do you use for children who have difficulty sleeping/eating?

Do you try to follow each child’s routine or do you have set times for eating/sleeping?

What is your emergency procedure?

What are your pick up and drop off policies?

Who fills in when one of the workers is ill?

Will you respect our wishes concerning (pacifiers, discipline etc.)?

Will you fill in a care book to keep parents informed about their child?

Are we able to book additional days if we need them?

Do you have an active parent’s committee and how often is news circulated to the parents?

How do you handle difficult children?

What is your policy on disciplining?

Food and Mealtimes

Do you serve warm meals?

Can we bring our own food in?

When do you have snack time?

What do you feed the children for lunch?


Do you have vertical or horizontal groups?

What is a typical day’s routine like?

Do you have outside space, do you use it a lot?

How do you keep stability in the groups? 

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