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Childcare is an ever present concern for our parents.  Read on to find out how CompaNanny are helping to re-think childcare in the Netherlands.

For working parents in the Netherlands childcare is at the forefront of our thoughts.  Many of us are lucky enough to have found childcare arrangements that work for us but with changing families and potential changes to the Childcare Allowance in 2013, will our current care still be the right solution for us?

CompaNanny, a leading and frequently recommended childcare provider in the Randstad area is tackling the problem head on and today announced the formation of their new service, CompaNanny Thuis, or CompaNanny at Home.

This service aims to provide quality home childcare to complement CompaNanny's existing daycare and after school care services.

Providing the same high standards in employee that families have come to expect from CompaNanny, the nannies from CompaNanny Thuis will undergo a rigorous pre-employment screening process as well as receiving ongoing training as part of CompaNanny.

Whilst the service agreement will remain between the family and the nanny, CompaNanny will take care of all payroll arrangements and also provide family support and mediation where needed.  The Nannies will be fully registered and you will be entitled to claim childcare allowance subject to your family's circumstances.

What sets CompaNanny apart from existing nanny agencies though is the integration with the three forms of childcare CompaNanny can offer.  As CompaNanny’s founder, Bas Beek, says: "The combination of a day care centre - which is the perfect place for a child’s social development - and care at home - where they can benefit from the tranquillity of the home environment - is the ideal form of childcare. For working parents, this is a great option, as it enables them to arrange childcare that fits in perfectly with their family and their weekly schedule. One day a week at the day care centre for the social development of their youngest child. One day a week at after-school care for the oldest child, who is also then taken to their swimming lesson. And one day a week, a Nanny at home, who will not only take care of the children, but who can also lend a helping hand around the house by running errands and cooking meals. We believe that this new service will create a combination that has everything covered.”

For example, whereas with a standard nanny agreement if your nanny falls sick then you are left to rearrange your childcare, with a CompaNanny Thuis Nanny you will have access to emergency daycare places should you wish, to cover the absence. For busy families with variable childcare needs this could be the perfect solution. 

You can get more information about CompaNanny Thuis as well as the fees and registration form by visiting their website.

NOTE: This post has not been sponsored by CompaNanny.  We are posting because we believe the news to be of interest to our readers.  For more information on advertising and disclosure with Amsterdam Mamas please see our policy.

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