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May 05, 2015 By Emmy McCarthy 0 Comments

It's January! A whole new year lies ahead....

 Welcome back. I hope the festive season treated you well. It treated me very well. So well that rather than bouncing into a brand new year full of vim and vigour I find myself slinking sluggishly in and furtively heading for the nearest sofa, preferably with a cozy blanket.

I find January a particularly tricky time of year. Everyone is making new year's resolutions and I am just not in the mood. I prefer making my resolutions in September for "la rentrée". Nevertheless, January is the traditional time for resolution making. And if we are going to do it, then we might as well do it properly. Mostly though we need to make it achievable.

On the 1st of December, I was invited to be in the audience at TedX Amsterdam Women. It was an amazing, uplifting experience and one I will not forget in a hurry. I hadn't heard of many of the speakers before the day but one I did know was Sarah Britton. I had been following Sarah and her amazing recipe blog for several months, and I was thrilled to meet her in person. During Sarah's talk, she invited the audience to make "One Change" in their everyday lives to improve their health. One change. That definitely sounds more achievable to me than a list of resolutions or goals. One change for my health, for the health of my family. So that's what I will be doing during our month of Health and Wellbeing on Amsterdam Mamas. Making one change for health. You can see Sarah's talk in full in the video below:

Sarah Britton One Change

One change, will you join me? This month the website will be full of articles on the theme of health and wellbeing. How to get it, how to keep it and what to do if you don't know where to start. We'll be talking about health for the whole family from kids to parents. So grab a super smoothie and get reading.

Welcome to January.

photo credit: Bert Kaufmann via Flickr cc

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