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What is Hypnofertility and could it help you conceive? Sarah Familia meets with Inbal Sigler of Isis Hypnobirthing & Yoga to find out more.

Almost eleven years ago, I welcomed my first baby into the world, to the gentle accompaniment of a hypnobirthing script and music. I gained confidence and tranquility from the gentle but empowering philosophy of hypnobirthing, and loved the peaceful ambiance it lent to both my pregnancies and births. There was no better way to welcome my children into the world, or myself into the world of motherhood.

So I was thrilled last week to meet with Inbal Singal of Isis Hypnobirthing to find out about another way the techniques taught in Hypnobirthing can help women and couples during the process of becoming parents. It’s called Hypnofertility, and it is a completely natural and non-invasive way to enhance fertility.

How Can Hypnofertility Help?

Fertility issues are something that many couples experience during their journey toward parenthood. It can be both frustrating and heartbreaking to be unable to conceive or carry a child. The stress of having difficulty conceiving or carrying a child can also put a strain on relationships and contribute to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

Many of the same issues that cause women anxiety or difficulties during labor and birth can be a factor in fertility challenges. Mental and/or emotional blockages can reduce the chances of successfully becoming or staying pregnant, even when there is no underlying physical cause. In fact, most couples who are unable to conceive have no diagnosable physical conditions. Due to the mind-body connection, an unsettled mental or emotional state can also exacerbate any medical causes of fertility issues.

Because fertility is so intimately connected to a woman’s (or a couple’s) mental and emotional state, many hypnobirthing practitioners, including Inbal, have expanded their professional services to also include support for woman and couples who need it during the time leading up to conception. Hypnofertility is a set of techniques similar to those taught in Hypnobirthing. It is designed to support and enhance the fertility of couples by providing them with the tools they need to work through any mental and emotional issues contributing to difficulties in conceiving and carrying a baby.

Just like hypnobirthing, Hypnofertility uses written and recorded scripts to help prospective parents learn and practice calming mental techniques that can assist them in bringing their minds, emotions, and bodies in balance for optimum fertility. Fertility issues can result from many different factors. Although some of these factors are physical, they often also include unresolved emotions, difficult life experiences, or problems in close relationships. The Hypnofertility scripts help couples and individuals to work through and transcend these problems. Some of the issues that Inbal has worked through with couples in her practice are self-esteem, relationship difficulties between partners, and a history of fraught encounters with their own mothers.

How Does Hypnofertility Work?

Inbal usually sees Hypnofertility clients four to five times. Unlike hypnobirthing sessions, which happen in a group session, Hypnofertility sessions are private, either for an individual or a couple. The first session is usually a couples session, where she can work together with both partners. Then she meets with the partners separately for one or two sessions, and then finishes with a final couples session.

Like Hypnobirthing, the Hypnofertility method is sanctioned by the Hypnobirthing Institute, and Inbal is certified in both techniques. She has found Hypnofertility to be impressively effective; in fact, every Hypnofertility client she has worked with has successfully become pregnant.

Hypnofertility is also a powerful tool that can be used to help women who are able to become pregnant but experience recurring miscarriages. The visualizations and relaxation techniques taught in Hypnofertility can support the mother and help her create an inviting home within her womb for the growing new life. It can also relieve the stress, anxiety, and emotional devastation that so often accompany fertility challenges and miscarriage.

Often fertility issues can be resolved through entirely natural methods like Hypnofertility. However, even if couples are pursuing medical treatments for difficulties with conceiving, Hypnofertility can be used synergistically, in conjunction with medical treatments, to maximize their effectiveness. For example, if a couple is undergoing In Vitro Fertilization, a Hypnofertility session scheduled before eggs are extracted can maximize blood flow and help support the maturation of the eggs. Similarly, a session after implantation can help support the implantation process and smooth the way for a healthy pregnancy.

Support During the Journey Toward Parenthood

“Wherever the mind goes,” Inbal told me, “the body follows.” For her, Hypnofertility is just a part of a complex mosaic of techniques and wisdom traditions she draws upon to help her clients in whatever way they need. Before starting her Hypnobirthing practice, she spent many years as a professional dancer. She teaches yoga, including classes specially designed to enhance fertility. Once a month, she offers a special masterclass in a group constellation for women only. The purpose of the fertility masterclass is to help women become familiar with the powerful combination of fertility yoga and Hypnofertility.

When needed, Inbal also draws upon her training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as her experience supporting women in childbirth as a doula. Her practice is distinguished by this multifaceted approach, which offers her a wide array of ways in which to assist her clients.

Couples who become pregnant after completing Hypnofertility sessions with Inbal often choose to move on to one of her Hypnobirthing classes, or even to engage her as a doula to support them during the birth. For Inbal, it is a gift to have the opportunity to be involved from the very beginning in this sacred journey toward parenthood, and to be privileged to witness the entry of a new life into the world. Whether you have been experiencing prolonged fertility challenges or simply want to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for conception, Hypnofertility can be a beautiful way to connect the mind and body and support you and your partner in the creation of a new life.

For more details, visit Isis Hypnobirthing or visit the Isis HypnoBirthing & Yoga Facebook page. You can also e-mail your queries to or call 0685365403.

Disclaimer: Isis Hypnobirthing has paid to be featured on Amsterdam Mamas because they believe that their services would be of interest and benefit to our readers, and we think so too. For more information on sponsored posts and advertising on Amsterdam Mamas, please see our Advertising and Disclosure policy.

Sarah Familia has lived on five different continents, but Amsterdam is the first place that really feels like home. She and her husband and two children have lived in the Netherlands since March 2015, and plan to stay indefinitely. When not working as the PR and Marketing Manager for the Expatriate Archive Centre in Den Haag, she enjoys reading books, eating cheese, and seeing the world. You can read about her (mis)adventures on her blog

photo credit: Inbal Sigler

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