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For all Amsterdam parents who need help facing the challenges of parenthood, a list of counsellors recommended by the mamas.

Every so often a mama or papa in need reaches out to us for help. Seeking help and support is a brave step and nothing that anyone need be ashamed of. Here are some of the counselling options which have been recommended by fellow mamas (all of them can counsel in English):


Julie Sharon-Wagschal, Balance You

Julie is Dutch-American, and specializes in counseling for individuals, couples, and families. She works mostly with young and middle-aged adults who are dealing with family issues.

Jeanette Bolck

Psychologist Jeanette Bolck works with young adults and adults, as individuals, groups, and in relationships.

Eileen Van Essen, Piptherapie

Eileen is an integrative psychotherapist and has created several programmes to help get relationships back on the rails.

Nancy van den Berg-Cook

Nancy is a psychotherapist who welcomes individuals, couples, families and children.

Debby Poort

Integrative psychologist Debby Poort is American, and started her practice specifically for expats. She works with individuals and couples, and teaches mindfulness. She also addresses the challenges of adjusting to life in Holland.

Perspectief Praktijk

The three women who run this practice work with individuals in general as well as with parents and children.


A practice devoted to addressing the stresses and anxieties suffered by expectant mothers, and those of young babies.

Cora Koorn

Cora has lived and studied in the UK and a branch of her work is focussed specifically on the strains of being an expat. She also counsels adolescents and couples.

Cara Crisler

A native English speaker, Cara provides counseling services to individuals looking to get “unstuck,” achieve work-life balance, and/or connect more deeply with others. She also provides sessions for individuals and couples on compassionate communication (aka “NVC”), which helps them deepen connections with each other and their child(ren).

This list has been compiled from the recommendations of our members on the Amsterdam Mamas Facebook group.

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