AMR 2017: Best Class for Older Children

July 10, 2018 By Maria Dicieanu 0 Comments

The Amsterdam Mamas Recommend awards shine a spotlight on the best family activities, events, and services in the city for all budgets, ages, and interests. Nominated by parents, voted for by parents.

Presenting the winner of the category: Best Class for Older Children (8 Years and Above):

Little Star Fitness 

A child's natural relationship to sport is best fostered from a young age. Little Star Fitness not only understands and emphasizes the importance of physical activity in our little ones' development, but also recognizes the particularities and benefits that each sport has to offer. Some nurture team spirit while others individual initiative and aptitudes; some try to develop pre-existing talent while others teach children to compensate for and overcome challenges. To this end, the courses offered by Little Star Fitness offer an innovative mix of different sports. The classes are given in English but the instructors are sensitive to the needs of non-English speakers and use a combination of verbal and visual demonstration to enable all children to follow each and every activity with ease. 


The Runners-up were:


My Little Van Gogh

Lucky Beat

Powerleague Olympiaplein

Look for the Mamas Recommend window sticker, certificate, or online logo around the city, and you’ll be sure that the business or service you are using is tried and trusted by the Amsterdam Mamas community!

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