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Little Star Fitness offers sport classes in various locations around Amsterdam. The Mini Sport Stars class targets children between the ages of 2-4*, introducing sport in a fun, supportive and non-competitive environment. This class assists in developing important skills such as hand-eye co-ordination, balance, concentration and strength. The fun environment of a small group gives them an intimate setting where the coach can help with their individual needs. The faster paced Kinder Sport Star program offered to children between 4-7* takes our little stars to the next level in their development. The class is designed by a qualified Physical Education teacher to teach the children specific sport skills with out knowing it. Once in this class, the skills learned will be useful in sports such as Football, Tennis, Basketball just to name a few.
Class Structure:
Each term runs for 8 weeks with a focus on four different sports throughout the term. Minimum joining time is 4 weeks (taken consecutively).
An example of each term:
1 & 2 Football
3 & 4 Athletics
5 & 6 Tennis
7 & 8 Team building games

The various sports we focus on are Football, Rugby, Tennis, Golf, Athletics, Softball & Team Building games just to name a few. The 50-minute session will be filled full of singing, dancing, music, various sport skills (throwing, kicking and catching) followed by fun and exciting games aimed to build confidence and co-ordination. Fruit is also provided half way through the session to allow the children to refuel and regain their energy for the second half of the session. Your children will have a ball in this class and will want to come back time and time again.
*age groups flexible.

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